Here you will find my web design portfolio. All of these websites were made with WordPress, web code and different plugins in order to create a really good user experience. All the navigation and structure has been thought and discussed due to develop a useful site. 

Mr. Bowcles is a Youth brand based on geometrics shapes and famous people. This combination is the result of Bowl + Circle = Bowcle and this small funny Universe is about something funny to enjoy in Social Media. However, this is not enough and we are in process to create a fashion brand. At this moment, you can begin following us on Instagram. That would be perfect! (@mrbowcles).

Here are some examples of packaging developed by myself. You’ll find that most of them are Compact Disc Cases. This is because I am really used with the music Industry because of my music band Capitán Mandarina which has launched two albums in offline and online channels. 

However, I am used to work with all types of industrial packaging and updated with the packaging laws according to being able to understand any marketing environment.